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Case Results

When you are looking for a Georgia attorney or lawyer, you have every right to investigate their past case results. We are proud of our accomplishments.

This list of case settlements illustrates the types of cases that our Atlanta attorneys and our Georgia lawyers have handled recently. It does not represent our entire history of case settlements.

Atlanta Trial Lawyers has earned many significant monetary recoveries. Below are some of the recent significant case settlements that our Atlanta Georgia personal injury attorneys have achieved.

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Amount Date Results
$3,700,000 April, 2000 Medical Malpractice – Brain damage birth case.
$3,002,633 September, 2002 Malicious Prosecution – Record jury verdict for 7th grade plaintiff injured at movie theater.
$2,375,000 October, 2004 Automobile Negligence – Jury verdict for plaintiff in disputed liability vehicle accident.
$1,250,000 March, 2003 Truck Negligence – Jury verdict for plaintiff with broken hip and $31,000 in medical bills; verdict was more than 10 times the insurance company’s last offer.
$981,000 August, 2009 Recovery for client suffering neck and shoulder pain as result of car accident with lawn service company.
$800,000 July, 2008 Recovery for client involved in bus accident which resulted in leg injuries with just over $100,000 in medical bills.
$785,000 October, 2011 Truck Accidents – recovery for a victim in a trucking accident.
$759,000 May, 2007 Products Liability/Premises Liability – recovery for plaintiff resulting from house fire.
$650,000 August, 2013 Recovery for victim in disputed liability trucking (tractor trailer/18 wheeler?) accident in federal court.
$525,000 October, 2003 Automobile Negligence (Confidential).
$525,000 June, 2002 Products Liability / Airline Negligence (Confidential).
$500,000 July, 2013 Recovery for victim of North Carolina motorcycle accident.
$390,000 Jan, 2013 Recovery for land owner for damage to property/land caused by neighbor.
$375,000 October, 2002 Pedestrian Accident (Confidential).
$354,000 November, 2006 Tractor Trailer negligence – Settlement for more than ten times plaintiff’s medical bills.
$315,000 November, 2004 Trucking Negligence (Confidential).
$300,000 January, 2002 Automobile Negligence (Confidential).
$290,000 May, 2006 Recovery against a bar for serving alcohol to customer which resulted in serious injuries in automobile accident.
$270,000 Dec, 2012 Property damage settlement for client against insurance company that initially denied claim.
$225,000 February, 2006 Automobile Negligence (Confidential).
$215,118 July, 2002 Automobile Negligence – Jury verdict for plaintiff with $10,800 in medical bills.
$200,000 August, 2013 Recovery for worker injured by tractor trailer while working in bucket truck in a disputed liability accident.
$200,000 December, 2003 Automobile Negligence.
$165,000 September, 2002 Airline Negligence  (Confidential).

*These prior case results are not representative of the value of any other cases and no case results are guaranteed. Each case is different and the results differ based on the facts of the individual case.